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When my child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Developmental Delay, I enrolled in Little Daisies through the recommendation of the clinical psychologist.


After Little Daisies’ interventions, my child has huge improvements in many areas, such as speech, eye contact, and communicating with others. He also has obvious changes in his daily life.


Continuous communication with parents is the best part of their service. It allowed me to know what problem my child is facing.


I would recommend Little Daisies to families in need, because they tailor their teaching methods according to the child’s needs, and my child has seen great improvements after taking their lessons. 


Mrs. Ko


After hearing what Kaiwen had to say after our free assessment, I realized that Little Daisies is different from the other centers that I have been to. Kaiwen firmly believes in her professionalism, and conducts interventions based on what is most effective for the child, instead of what pays more. They do not pressure parents into signing up. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process, having enough time to consider what classes to sign my child up for.


After attending classes at Little Daisies, my child has obvious improvements in language and social skills. What I liked most about their service is the patience and attentiveness of their therapists. After each session, they would update us on how the session went.


I would recommend Little Daisies to any friend in need. On top of their professional knowledge, the therapists at Little Daisies have love and patience for their students.

YY's Mom

Although my son was not diagnosed with any developmental disorders, he was two years old and still communicating using only gestures or single words. His kindergarten interviews were coming up, but he could not answer any questions. As parents, we were nervous and worried. Through a friend’s referral, we found that Little Daisies offered services that could help our son. 


After two sessions, we started noticing improvements. Before Little Daisies’ intervention, we tried teaching him vocabulary, but he was unwilling to mimic our words and sounds. Now, he often echoes our words and spontaneously asks questions. He even started using short phrases to express himself!


After his lessons at Little Daisies, he performed well at his interviews. Not only was he able to answer the teachers’ questions, he said “good morning” and “thank you” to the teachers! We are very happy with his improvements.


We are grateful for the care and training by the therapists at Little Daisies. They carefully observed my son’s needs, and customized the program to best suit his needs. They also patiently gave us advice on encouraging our son to talk more at home. I hope they can continue to help other children. If anyone is in a similar situation, I truly recommend Little Daisies. 

Jenny and Thomas

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In December, we received a notice from Ryan’s nursery class saying Ryan is passive at school, doesn’t interact with his classmates, and seldom responds to teacher’s questions. They said he may not be suitable to move on to K1 in their school. I felt lost and did not know how to help him. 


Luckily, through a friend’s referral, I learned about Little Daisies. Kaiwen explained to me what skills Ryan is lacking, and how their program can help him. 


After Ryan started attending classes at Little Daisies, our family quickly saw improvements in him. When we go out, he would initiate greeting to others. He would also interact with classmates when we pick him up from school. Most importantly, his school conducted a reassessment in January and thinks that Ryan has greatly improved, and they are letting him move on to K1! 


I want to thank the therapists at Little Daisies. They are attentive and professional. They observe Ryan’s progress throughout the program and adjust their lessons accordingly. After every session, they share with us Ryan’s performance and learning progress. I am very satisfied with Ryan’s improvement, and very thankful for the care that the therapists has shown him. If there is any need in the future, I will definitely come back for lessons.


Ryan's Mom 

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