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Serving children with special needs using evidence-based practices.
Offering individualized programs in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Our Approach

We firmly believe in evidence-based practices that are well grounded in research. In our therapy sessions, we use a combination of such methods grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)—including Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), Functional Communication Training (FCT), Incidental Teaching, and much more.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks
What is ABA?

Our Services

Kindergarten Guide

1:1 Training

Tailor-made programs

Raising Hands

School Shadowing

Support in the classroom

Happy Family

Parent Training

Support for the family

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Skills We Teach

ABA can be used to teach many behaviors. Listed below are a few examples of the skills we can teach.

Skills We Teach


  • Requesting for an action or item 

  • Commenting on things he/she sees

  • Learning new vocabulary 

  • Sharing experiences

Play Skills

Play skills
  • Playing with toys properly 

  • Pretend play 

  • Coordinated play 

Social Skills

  • Eye contact

  • Greeting others 

  • Parallel and coordinated play with peers 

  • Sharing toys 

Learning to Learn 

  • Sitting at the table

  • Waiting 

  • Joint attention 

  • Imitation

School Readiness

  • Numeracy

  • Reading and writing

  • Sitting and participating in circle time

  • Lining up 


  • Toileting 

  • Changing shoes 

  • Eating independently 


  • Problem solving

  • Matching and sorting 

  • Extending a pattern

  • Ordering and sequencing 

Behavior Management

  • Temper tantrums 

  • Aggressive behavior (e.g. hitting, biting)

  • Food refusal

Social skills
School readiness
Self-help skills
Cognitive skills
Behavior management
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